Our data emissions levels are eclipsing the stat week to week, with ever new and interesting ways to connect. Our photos, locations, bio-stats, and thoughts and constantly creating data, the vast majority of which is being wasted.

 At SOTA we are working at ways to display these data sets to the user in a unique and engaging way that will be useful to everyone, not just someone with the correct hardware, software, or tools.

We are very proud to introduce our ground breaking program using the the technological shifts in data projection.  


"Environmental Augmentation' as we are calling it is truely unique. Using projection mapping techniques to essentially projection map our environments permanently. 

By using the world as our monitor we can do so much more. For security, communication, learning, advertising. 

We would like to create a permanent interactive projection mapped environment which users can interact with and utilise. 


Using web environments to generate content we can connect and import masses of data streams at once. 

We can create data enabled environments using a variety of interconnected multimedia surfaces including large scale projections. 

This content is taken from the web page and streamed directly to the projection mapped surface in real time, augmenting the surfaces of the world around you, allowing the users to interact with buildings and spaces in a way only seen during light festivals and temporary installations. 

Why It Works

Below are a collection of scenarios which gives insight on how and why and interconnected Environmental Augmentation system is part of the future. 


You find your self in an emergency situation and you need to alert people to your location. Environmental Augmentation can illuminate the area you are in, which will visually alert passers by, create and illuminated space around you. 


You called an Uber, and the taxi is arriving. An illuminated ring appears around you flashing. 


You want to leave a message for your friend at a shop window "do you like this dress ?". When your friend arrives the image is projected on to the wall with the message. 


You have a great new product that is niche for tall athletic men over 60 living in the CBD. Everyone that passes that location fitting these data stats will be directed to your product. 


You are in a shop and you cant eat sugar, every product close to you with sugar will have a cross projected on to the surface without you reading the labels. 



Turning our public spaces into “Environmently Augmented” areas will allow us to make the world around us truely interactive like never before.
— Joe Crossley