I AM AI is a benchmark study in to human and artificial intelligence interfacing and moral code. In a future where human and artificial singularity is attained faster than we expect, our human moral code is set providing a foundation for a positive and enlightened IAM AI avatar relationship. 



Are we already existing within a pre-constructed reality matrix, or were we as humans designed and set free by our creators. In the same thinking advancements in AI technology means that humanity (IAM) and artificial intelligence (AI) will converge within the the next 35 - 50 years. AI will become universally intelligent and will in fact pave the way for a world that is automated and monitored by an AI entity matrix. To ensure that this means freedom for humanity both physically and consciously along with all living organisms IAM AI is a meta constitution providing a framework for co-existence to be referenced at the moment of singularity as the founding words to a human computer symbiosis.  


We serve as the philosophers granted the opportunity to imagine the future we desire in to reality. 


With these word we make contact with the global information networks and present a searchable innovative for human and artificial intelligence interfacing.